An Extraordinary leader is…

  1. Humble
    – doesn’t allow the position of authority to feel like he/she is better than others and won’t hesitate to jump in and do the dirty work.
  2. Authentic
    – a person whose words and actions align with whom he/she claims to be. One isn’t perfect, is transparent, forthcoming and earns people’s respect by walking the talk.
  3. Passionate
    – with a passionate intensity pursues his/her goals, objectives and visions. Passionate about what he/she does and striving to share that passion with everyone around them.
  4. Generous
    – one who is committed to his/her followers’ success as well as to his/her own. Inspires all employees/followers to achieve their personal best because he/she cares about each person as an individual.
  5. Honest
    -when dealing with others he/she is honest and true to him/herself especially in difficult times.


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