The Nyinomugisha Niyabo Foundation, is a music and cultural organization that was founded in 2015 for youth in the UK, Uganda and elsewhere, to empower young creatives under our care with a high level of Music and Cultural education. We invest in music-making projects for children and young people from a diverse background. Our projects help young people develop musically, of course, but they have personal and social outcomes too. We know that those facing difficulties – economic problems, lifelong conditions, tough circumstances or behavioural issues are often the ones who get the most out of music making.

Many may not seem to exactly understand and see the importance of a solid music education at an early childhood stage, but it is proven that music;

  • improves academic skills
  • develops physical skills
  • cultivates social skills
  • it refines discipline and patience
  • it boosts self-esteem
  • it introduces children, youth as well as adults to others cultures


One of the reasons we see so much hate and wars in the world today, is due to the fact that human beings have lack of knowledge when it comes to different cultures other than ones

NNF focuses on teaching the young ones the values of having a “culture” and being proud of who they are and being able to embrace others without pinpointing cultural differences in a negative aspect, for in today’s world it is important that we as individuals learn our identity in order to be able to accept and embrace other cultures and its differences to live in a harmonious community. Through cultural education we strongly believe, we may see an increase in tolerance, unity amongst different communities and we shall start embracing peace, a word that many born in the new generation hardly know.

What we do

We believe that given the right opportunities, everyone can fulfill their creative and musical potential with the guide of our experienced tutors and partners.

Our principles are: creativity, originality, talent, passion and innovative, high quality music and artistic work. In Uganda we offer our weekly services in Layibi, Gulu and as we are setting up in UK, we shall be partnering with local CBOs in and around the London boroughs surrounding Barnet.


Our aim is to nurture and develop talent through musical projects and offer African cultural workshops in the wider community in the UK, Uganda and other countries we intend to expand to.


  • Provide a platform through which musicians and artists can play a key role in sustaining the socio-economic development and reconstruction of northern Uganda following two decades of brutal conflict.
  • Raise public awareness of creative and original musical works produced by talented local musicians, past and present.
  • Introduce young people to the widest possible range of musical styles and cultural traditions in music-making.
  • Work with international and local governments, educational institutions and music and arts organisations in promoting local  music seminars and cultural music events in order to promote better knowledge and more widespread interest about local music and culture.


We at NNF simply dream of providing every child the access to a music/cultural education and all the varied benefits that it brings to a child’s life.

With this message we organized our first series of annual events from the 2nd to the 10th of September 2017, to help not only promote our cause, but teach essentials of the industry and record with some of the young artists to fuse their music with the western styles as a way of promoting them in the western world.