NNF has been self funded since it was founded in December 2015. We have a vision and doing all we can to keep moving towards our goals, with not only one but many of our youth.

We fully appreciate all kinds of support that is needed at the moment, be it financial, in form of music instrument donations, pledges for free venues for our events and accommodation for foreign guests and artists from around the world.

We started off our fundraisers with organizing smaller events that go down in the books to help fund some of the many costs we have like studio/video productions, books and stationery to name just a few.

NNF is pleased to say this year, we are organizing bigger events with invited international guests ready to perform and also take on as volunteers to train our youth at some of our workshops. Do subscribe inorder not to miss out on the dates for these events coming up later this year.

Other forms of fundraising we are putting into action are Charity galas, food sales, Raffles, Bachelor/bachelorette auctions, competitions of all kinds, merchandise sales and do-it-yourself fundraisers which sees our supporters and members offer services both in northern Uganda and in the UK.

Though we rely on these options, we still call on the general public for support by donating through our donate buttons and we also appreciate offers for other services as in web designers, promoters, writers,tutors, fashion designers and photographers.

All donations shall be accounted for and our funders/donors are free to follow up on how the donations are being used.

Get in touch for more details and please only leave our website after pressing the donate button, for we are truly grateful for anything we receive. Thank You!