From 2017, NNF started offering volunteer opportunities for those who want to combine holiday with some work, those taking time off from work, school or just need a career-break.

These one to two week volunteer placements may sound as though one might not be able to make a difference, but as soon as you arrive you shall quickly start working intensely within the local community and building relationships.

This opportunity impacts a level of cultural insight, that isn’t possible for tourists to achieve. We assist throughout your time with us and our volunteers are treated as a member of our NNF family. Uganda is known as one of… if not the most friendly country in Africa and for us in northern Uganda, hospitality plays a big role. The family hosts you stay with, will make sure you always sleep and wake up with a smile and provide you with the opportunity to get completely immersed in the local culture during your stay.

At NNF we see our volunteer trips as a cultural exchange program which simply means mutual learning and respect.

As we welcome and aim to work with potential partners, our volunteers will not only get to work with the NNF youth, but will be able to work on different projects with some of the other CBOs in Uganda.